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Valley of Whales and White Des

Get your chance to see great landscapes,huge dunes and fantastical rock formations of the White desert. Also chance to see skeletons of prehistoric whales.
Valley of Whales and White Desert
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Valley of Whales and White Desert adventure

The western desert today remains one of the few places where you can feel the isolation of the busy world.Its sheer scale is overwhelming. See the huge dunes and fantastical rock formations of the White desert. Also chance to see skeletons of prehistoric whales between the dunes of Valley of Whales. the landscapes dramatically changes and camping out in such astonishing surroundings can be one of the non forgettable experiences.   
Day Program Meals Staying in
1 Cairo- Fayoum - Vallley of Whales Half Board Tent 
2 Valley of Whales - White desert  Full board Tent
3 White desert - Cairo  Breakfast   

Day 1: Cairo – Fayoum – Valley of Whales

  • Pick up from your address in Cairo.
  • We drive around 100 km south of Cairo to reach the Semi Oasis of Fayoum, about 70km wide and 60km long, it depends on the Nile River water distributed around the depression by a system of canals going back to ancient times. This green spot south of Cairo has around 03 million inhabitants.  
  • Arrival and start our tour: visit the landmark of the city of Fayoum The Four large wooden Waterwheels, created by Ptolemaic engineers on the 03rd century BC to work as pump of water to the people then.
  • We proceed on the city more to see Lake Qaroun that covers 214 square Km at 45 m below sea level. The lake is a destination of birdlife: around 88 species including flamingos have a colony on the horn island at the end of the lake. We take a boat tour through the lake to enjoy the fascinating landscapes of the water and green scene dominant over the banks of the lake.
  • We go later 15 km out of Fayoum to the Wadi Rayyan Protected Area: a result of project of Egyptian Government to create 03 lakes on the Wadi. Wadi Rayyan is particularly conducive to large colonies of birds. We will enjoy the Waterfalls where one lake drains into the other. It  is wide life heaven and beauty spot.
  • We take picnic lunch in Wadi el Rayaan.
  • Some 55km further south into the desert is Wadi al-Hittan (Valley of the Whales), where the skeletons of primitive whales have been lying for about 40 million years.  The fossils consist of amphibious mammals deposited by the swirling waters and Marine life stranded when the sea receded. We will see the Basilosaurs (King of Lizards) and the Zegluodon which was the end of evolution system of whales.  Also we will see some fossilized Mangrove roots fromancient times.
  • Dinner and overnight camping under the stars.

Day 2: Valley of Whales – Bahariya Oasis – White desert

  • Breakfast.
  • Travel from Valley of Whales, to the Bahariya Oasis driving for 50 minutes off-road, then we reach the paved way of Wahat , 150 km on paved way .
  • We leave Bahariya behind in our way to a different world of Black and White. We approach Sahara Suda, the Black Desert, a favorite safari destination. The ground to the right and left of the road is covered with black stones. We climb a 15 meter Sand Dune by 4WD and stop to take pictures of these mixtures of colors. Then we see Al Marsous volcanic Hill.
  • 37 km we reach Al Hyaz small village that during the Roman era this area was very prosperous. Many of the current families were originally from Libya. We take our picnic lunch in a shaded place; also we will have the chance to get refreshment by swimming in one of the cold springs nearby.
  • We drive to the most famous of the formations is the Crystal Mountain, actually a large rock made entirely of quartz. It sits right beside the main road.
  • Bit by bit the yellow desert sands east of the road start to become pierced by chalky rock formations. You get further into the 300-sq-km White Desert Protectorate, you’ll notice that the surreal shapes start to take on familiar forms: chickens, ostriches, camels, hawks and other uncanny shapes abound. Two flat-topped mountains known as the Twin Peaks, a key navigation point for travelers. A favorite destination: the view from the top of the surrounding symmetrical hills, all shaped like giant anthills, is spectacular. Kids will delight in coming up with shape associations, and photographers will fill up their memory cards trying to capture the brilliant hues of the setting sun reflecting off the inselbergs’ shiny surfaces. Waking up amongst them is one of the highlights of any camping trip into the desert
  • BBQ Dinner. Overnight in tent.

Day 3: White desert- Bahariya Oasis- Cairo

  • Breakfast in White desert.
  • Back to Bahariya oasis and switch to minibus. Travel to your address in Cairo. End of services. 
Number of Participates Price per person Period Notes
From To
2 350 USD $      
3 300 USD $      
4 260 USD $      
5 235 USD $      


Price includes:

  • 01 night camping in White desert on Full board basis.
  • 01 night camping in the Valley of Whales on Full board basis.
  • Lunch during excursions in local restaurant.
  • English Speaking Tour Guide.
  • All above mentioned tours.
  • All admission fees of visited places.
  • All Safari materials necessary to the camping experience.
  • Water and Soft Drinks only on the White desert.
  • All necessary clearances.
  • All taxes.
  • No hidden costs.

Price excludes:

  • Tips. 

Enjoy a unique expereince under the crystal clear sky of the Valley of Whales. You will have a pleasant doomed private tent equipped with mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and sheet. 

Your tent will be between the ridges of the rocks  that seem to have a frost on them. Then you’ll see a snowdrift, and pretty soon you’re in a winter wonderland. In fact, what you’re seeing is a combination of chalk and limestone. 

Frequent Asked Question

Frequent Asked Question

Faq: payment should be 50% before coming

Faq: You should provide you license ID "international".

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