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EL Fayoum to Minya tour

Enjoy the taste of the desert and the feel of the oasis of Fayoum. Discover the remains of the city built by Akhenaton.Visit Minya the “ Bride of Upper Egypt
EL Fayoum to Minya tour
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Al Fayoum to Al Minya Tour

Enjoy the taste of the desert and the feel of the oasis of Fayoum. Discover the remains of the city built by Akhenaton . Visit Minya the “ Bride of Upper Egypt” , it sits on the boundary between upper and lower Egypt. Beyond the pleasure of walking around the city center and watching the Nile flows against the Eastern Hills, Minya offer magnificent rock tombs of Beni Hassan and remains of the ancient capital of Akehnaton as well as the colored tombs of Tuna el Gabal.

Day Program Meals Staying in
1 Cairo - AL Fayoum Half Board Tent
2 Al Fayoum - EL Minya Full Board  Hotel 3*
3 El-Minya Full Board Hotel 3*
4 EL - Minya - Meidum- Cairo  Half Board  

Day 1: Cairo- Fayoum – Valley of Whales.

  • Meeting in hotel in Cairo and transfer towards Fayoum’s attractions.
  • We start out tour by the visit of Karanis : located at the edge of the oasis of Fayoum, ruins that founded by Ptolemy II mercenaries on the 03rd century BC. The town was once a mud-brick settlement with population in thousands. Here you can visit one of the most beautiful Greco- Roman Temple of this town that remained in a good condition.  
  • Lake of Qaroun: Enjoy the prime location that is overlooking lake Qaroun, which is at the heart of the oasis and home to amazing variety of birds’ species.  
  • Wadi Rayan is a depression in the desert to the southeast of Fayum Oasis (wadi literally means “valley” in Arabic) that was made a protected area in 1989. Part of it was then declared a World Heritage Site in 2005. Wadi Rayan contains a pair of new lakes.
  • Wadi al Hitan, or “Valley of the Whales,” is named for the ancient whale skeletons that were found on the surface of the desert. These spectacular, 40-million-year-oldremains are reminders that the entire area was once covered by a giant inland sea.
  • Camping in the Valley of Whales.

Day 2: Fayoum – Minya

  • Breakfast in camp.
  • Today we are going ahead to El Minya beautiful city, where we will visit the following sights.
  • Tuna EL Gabal was the necropolis of Hermopoils where we find the tombs of the residents and the sacred animals. We see many of the mummified baboons and ibis. The cemetery extends for 3 km. The most notable tombs are Petosris and tomb of Isadora.
  • Overnight in a hotel over the Nile on the west bank.

Day 3: Minya

  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Today we will continue our tour to the most interesting sights of EL Minya.
  • Tel l Al-Amarna: Built by the Pharaoh Akhenaton and his wife Nefertiti who abandoned the gods of Karnack and established a new religion based on the worship of Aten. They also built a new city called Akhetaten to be the center of the cult of Aten. This city was the Capital of Egypt for almost 30 years.  We visit the remains of this great city.
  • Ben Hassan Tombs: This necropolis is located on the East Bank of the Nile . Most of it’s tombs date to the 11th and 12th Dynasties. Tombs are offering a deep imagination of the daily life scenes and political tensions during this period.
  • Overnight in hotel.

Day 4: Minya – Cairo

  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • On our way back to Cairo , we stop to visit ,Meidum’s Pyramid that considered the first smooth-sided pyramid located at the edge of Fayoum oasis. It was achieved by filling in the steps of a stepped pyramid.
  • Arrival in Cairo and transfer to your destination. End of services. 
NO Guests Periods Notes
Summer Winter Peak
  From: 01/06 From: 01/10 XMAS, New Year, Easter  
To: 30/09 To: 30/05
2 400 USD $ 415 USD $ 445 USD $  
3 325 USD $ 345 USD $ 375USD $  
4 275 USD $ 295 USD $ 325 USD $  
5 250 USD $ 275 USD $ 305 USD $  


Price includes:

  • Meet and assistance services
  • 01 night camping on the Valley of Whales. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
  • 02 nights in hotel 4* in EL Minya on half board treatment.
  • Lunch in local restaurants.
  • All Safari Materials.
  • All above mentioned visits.
  • All admission fees of visited sights.
  • English (any other language can be provided) speaking tour guide.
  • All transfers services with private AC coach.
  • All taxes.
  • No hidden costs.

Price excludes:

  • Tips.
  • Drinks.

Camping on the Valley of Whales

Enjoy a unique expereince under the crystal clear sky of the Valley of Whales. You will have a pleasant doomed private tent equipped with mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and sheet. 

Your tent will be between the ridges of the rocks  that seem to have a frost on them. Then you’ll see a snowdrift, and pretty soon you’re in a winter wonderland. In fact, what you’re seeing is a combination of chalk and limestone. 



Siva Nefertiti Hotel 4*

The hotel offers a wide range of accommodations quite suitable for all guests coming . All rooms comprise the necessary modern conveniences so guests may have the most comfortable stay possible. With its different type of rooms, you are sure to find a variety of rooms to fit your needs.

Frequent Asked Question

Frequent Asked Question

Faq: payment should be 50% before coming

Faq: You should provide you license ID "international".

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