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Complete Package of Egypt

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Complete Package of Egypt
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Egypt Travel Packages, Cairo Tour Itineraries

Short tour that let you see the main attractions of the ancient city of Cairo and enjoy the Bedouin life in Bahariya Oasis and White Desert.Opportunity to observe rural life on the shores of the Nile river , buffalo bathing in the shallows, villagers at work in the cane fields and an abundance of water birds. Enjoy the great temples and tombs left from the ancient flourished on the banks of the River that makes it the biggest open air museum. 
Day Program Meals Staying in
1 Arrival in Cairo    Hotel 5* 
2 Visit of Cairo  Breakfast  Hotel 5* 
3 Cairo - Bahariya Oasis Full Board  Hotel 3*
4 Bahariya-White Desert Tours Full Board Tent 
5 White Desert - Cairo - Sleeper Train  Half Board Sleeper Train 
6 Aswan Breakfast  Hotel 4*
7 Aswan - Kom Ombo Felucca Full Board Felucca 
8 Kom Ombo - Luxor  Breakfast Hotel 5*
9 Luxor  Breakfast Hotel 5*
10 Luxor - Cairo Breakfast Hotel 5*
11 Cairo Breakfast Hotel 5*
12 Departure from Cairo    

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

  • Meeting ana assistance in Cairo airport.
  • Transfer to your hotel and overnight.

Day 2: Cairo and Giza tours

  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Start tour of
  • Pyramids of Giza: The only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, vast and imposing Great Pyramid and its two companions are no less wondrous now than they were when they were built four and a half millennia ago.
  • Sphinx:Known in Arabic as Abu al-Hol (Father of Terror), Legends and superstitions abound about the Sphinx), and the mystery surrounding its long-forgotten purpose is almost as intriguing as its appearance.
  • Egyptian Museum : The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum or Museum of Cairo, in Cairo, Egypt, is home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. t has 120,000 items, with a representative amount on display, the remainder in storerooms.
  • Back to hotel and overnight.

Day 3: Cairo – Bahariya Oasis (350 Km)

  • Drive to Bahariya Oasis 350 kilometers (219 miles) ahead. Midway in the journey at 155 kilometers (97 miles) is a rest stop with a gas station and a cafeteria Twenty-two kilometers (14 miles) from the beginning of the road, the railway from Helwan joins the road and follows it all the way to reach Managim.(First Village of Bahariya oasis).Beyond Managim, the main road continues to Bawiti. At 316 kilometers (197 miles) the terrain changes once again as small conical hills begin to emerge.
  • Arrival in Bawiti, we check in hotel and relax. Then we start tour of main attractions of the Oasis.
  • First we go the see Museum of the Golden mummies where 10 of roman golden mummies in view selected from 10.000 intact roman burial chambers discovered in the 1990s.
  • Not far from the Museum, we head to slightly south of the spring of the same name are four 26th-dynasty chapels that together form the Temple of Ain al-Muftella.
  • Climb down to see the colored Tomb of Noble Bannitu with its fascinating decoration of Universal Day.
  • Then we visit small, two-chamber temple is the only place in Egypt whereAlexander the Great's effigy and cartouche have been found.
  • We take the spring of cold water is used by both tourists and locals as a swimming hole. It is cool and refreshing on hot desert days.
  • Climbing the Black Mountain known as English Mountain. As on summit are the ruins of a World War I lookout post, which was manned by Captain Williams, after whom the mountain is sometimes called.
  • Visit Gebel el Dist Locals call it Magic Mountain because of the way the light plays on the texture and material of the mountain during the different hours of the day.
  • Back to hotel.
  • Dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Bahariya Oasis – Black Desert- Crystal Mountain- White Desert (140 Km with stops)

  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • We leave Bahariya behind in our way to a different world of Black and White. We approach Sahara Suda, the Black Desert, a favorite safari destination. The ground to the right and left of the road is covered with black stones. We climb a 15 meter Sand Dune by 4WD and stop to take pictures of these mixtures of colors. Then we see Al Marsous volcanic Hill.
  • 37 km we reach Al Hyaz small village that during the Roman era this area was very prosperous. Many of the current families were originally from Libya. We take our picnic lunch in a shaded place; also we will have the chance to get refreshment by swimming in one of the cold springs nearby.
  • We drive to the most famous of the formations is the Crystal Mountain, actually a large rock made entirely of quartz. It sits right beside the main road.
  • Bit by bit the yellow desert sands east of the road start to become pierced by chalky rock formations. you get further into the 300-sq-km White Desert Protectorate, you’ll notice that the surreal shapes start to take on familiar forms: chickens, ostriches, camels, hawks and other uncanny shapes abound. Two flat-topped mountains known as the Twin Peaks, a key navigation point for travelers. A favorite destination: the view from the top of the surrounding symmetrical hills, all shaped like giant anthills, is spectacular. Kids will delight in coming up with shape associations, and photographers will fill up their memory cards trying to capture the brilliant hues of the setting sun reflecting off the inselbergs’ shiny surfaces. Waking up amongst them is one of the highlights of any camping trip into the desert
  • BBQ Dinner. Overnight in tent.

Day 5: White desert- Bahariya Oasis- Cairo

  • Breakfast in White desert.
  • Back to Bahariya oasis and switch to minibus. 
  • Dining and overnight on board of the train.

  Day 6:ASwan 

  • Breakfast on board of sleeper train.
  • Visit: Unfinished Obelisk, One of the strangest sites in Egypt is a huge obelisk still attached to the bedrock in an ancient quarry in the hills south of Aswan that supplied the ancient Egyptians with red granite for their temples and statues. Three sides of the shaft were completed before a flaw was discovered in the stone and the obelisk was abandoned. Had it been completed, it would have weighed an astonishing 1.8 million kg (1,197 tons) and stood 41 m (134 ft) high
  • Temple of Philae, this Graeco-Roman temple dedicated to the cult of Isis. It is situated on its own picturesque island in the middle of the Nile and the only way to visit it is by motor launch, which makes for a supremely dramatic approach. It lies between the Aswan and High Dams, a 15-minute drive south of town.
  • The largest of the islands at Aswan, Elephantine Island is also the site of the town’s oldest settlement. In ancient times it was the cult centre of the ram headed god of the Nile flood, Khnum. Among the ruins at the southern end are those of the Temple of Khnum, built byNectanebo in the 4th century BC. Regular ferries connect the island with the Cornice.
  • High Dam, Built between 1960 and 1971, the enormous High Dam is 3,830 m (12,562 ft) across, 111 m (364 ft) high and 980 m (3,214 ft) wide at its base. At the eastern end of the dam there is a visitors’ pavilion detailing the construction of the dam and at the western end there is a lotus-shaped tower, built to commemorate the Soviet Union’s assistance in the project that also has an observation deck.
  • Overnight in hotel in Aswan. 

  Day 7: Aswan - Felucca to Kom Ombo

  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Transfer to felucca .
  • set sail in the afternoon and watch the world go by on this relaxing journey.
  • Lunch on board.
  • Dinner .At night, sleep on deck under a canopy of stars.

  Day 8: Felucca - Kom Ombo - Edfu - Luxor 

  • Breakfast on board.

  • This morning we enter the city of Kom Ombo where we tour the Ptolemaic Temple of Sobek  and Haeroris, Elder Horus god of the falcons. (Temple of Kom Ombo) that has an unusual symmetrically twinned architecture in which all rooms and doors are mirrored on the other side of the building. Once inside, you’ll see that there are two sanctuaries in the middle of the temple, each a mirror image of the other. 

  • Transfer by car to visit the Temple of Horus Situated between Luxor and Aswan, the Temple of Horus at Edfu dates from 237 BC, a time when Egypt was ruled by the successors of Alexander the Great. These rulers copied earlier temples, perfectly preserving the architectural traditions of their Pharaonic predecessors as can be seen in this vast temple.

  • Continue by car to Luxor. Overnight in hotel.


Day 9: Luxor East Bank

  • tart tour of: Temple of Karnak, the main center of worshiping the Theban Triad with god Amun, no site in Egypt at all makes a more overwhelming and lasting impression than this collection of Obelisks, Columns, Walls, Statues, and Decorated blocks. Everything is on a gigantic scale:  the site covers over 2 sq km. Karnak was the most important place of worship in Egypt during the New Kingdom. It was called Ipet-Sut, meaning ‘The Most Esteemed of Places’; Karnak is its Arabic name meaning ‘fortified settlement. The complex of Karnak includes three main enclosures: AMUN TEMPLE ENCLOSURE – MAIN AXIS,MUT TEMPLE ENCLOSURE and MONTU TEMPLE ENCLOSURE.
  • Our next destination will be Temple of Luxor; it was built essentially by two kings (Amenhotop III and Ramses II, also several rulers contributed to its relief decorations and inscriptions, added minor structures or alterations. The temple was built for the Opet celebrations, when the statues of Amun, Mut and Khonsu were annually reunited during the inundation season with that of Amun of Opet. A mosque was built in one of the interior courts for the local sheikh (holy man) Abu al-Haggag. Infront of the temple is the beginning of the avenue of sphinxes that ran all the way to the temples at Karnak 3km to the north, which is now being entirely excavated.

 Day 10: Luxor West Bank - Sleeper Train

  • Meet your private tour guide on the lobby and start early tour of the West Bank.
  • We visit: Valley of the Kings, two peaks with vast valley includes 62 tombs once called the Great Necropolis of Millions of Years of Pharaoh, or the Place of Truth. We will have the chance to enter three Royal Tombs and see the magnificent decorations still resisting the time.
  • We proceed to the Mortuary Temple of Hatchepsut; the temple is a partly rock-cut and partly free standing terraced structure. The temple was vandalized over the centuries: Tuthmosis III removed his stepmother’s name whenever he could, Akhenaton removed all references to Amun, and the early Christians turned it into a monastery, Deir al-Bahri (Monastery of the North), and defaced the pagan reliefs. The temple consists of:great court,Chapel of Anubis,Punt Colonnade, Hathor Chapel.
  • Visiting Colossi of Memnon, two statues of Amenhotep III are all that remain of a massive compound this Pharaoh built to house his mortuary temple. The magnificent colossi, each cut from a single block of stone and weighing 1000 tones, were already a great tourist attraction during Graeco-Roman times, when the statues were attributed to Memnon, the legendary African king who was slain by Achilles during the Trojan War
  • Dining and overnight on board the train.

Day 11: Old Cairo 

  •  Breakfast in hotel.
  • Start tour of :
  • Mosque of Sultan Hassan: essential mosque to visit is of Sultan Hassan. Begun in 1356, its size rivals the great cathedrals of Europe. It is entered through a soaring portal with a stalactite hood, which leads through to a simple but impressive courtyard with four massive arched recesses. The sultan himself lies at rest in his tomb chamber, to the right of the prayer niche. The neighboring mosque, Al-Rifai, although similar in scale to Sultan Hassan, was built over 500 years later
  • The Al-Rifa'i Mosquewas constructed in two phases over the period between 1869 and 1912, when it was finally completed.
  • Citadel of Salah el Din: Overlooking the city from a rocky spur of the Muqattam Hills, the Citadel is a sizeable fortress, which from its founding in the 12th century, served as the royal residence and barracks until the late 19th century. Its earliest parts date back to the reign of the ruler Salah ad-Din (Saladin), but over the course of its history it was reorganized and enlarged on numerous occasions. There are three mosques to visit, as well as former palace buildings and museums. 

Day 12: Departure from Cairo
Transfer to the airport in Cairo and return flight. 

NO Guests Periods Notes
Summer Winter Peak
  From: 01/06 From:01/10 XMAS, New Year, Easter  
To: 30/09 To: 30/05
02 450 USD $ 500 USD $ 525 USD $  
03 350 USD $ 375 USD $ 400 USD $  
04 285 USD $ 310 USD $ 350 USD $  
05 240 USD $ 270 USD $ 300 USD $  


Price includes:

  • Meet and assistance in Cairo airport.
  • 03 nights in hotel 5* in Giza with bed and breakfast included.
  • 01nights camping in the White desert on Full board basis.
  • 01 night in hotel 3* in bahariya oasis on Half board basis.
  • 02 nights on board of sleeper train including breakfast and dinner.
  • 01 night in hotel 4* in Aswan with bed and breakfast.
  • 01 night on board of felucca on full board basis.
  • 02 nights in hotel 5* in Luxor with bed and breakfast.
  • Lunch during excursions in local restaurants in oasis.
  • English Speaking Tour Guide.
  • All above mentioned tours.
  • All admission fees of visited places.
  • All Safari materials necessary to the camping experience.
  • Water and Soft Drinks only on the White desert.
  • All necessary clearances.
  • All taxes.
  • No hidden costs.

Price excludes:

  • Tips. 
  • Visa of Entry.
  • Flights.


Mercure Sphinx Cairo 5* or SIMILAR Level.

Mercure Le Sphinx Cairo combines an exciting location & incomparable service. This impressive hotel offers its guests a unique opportunity to explore the historical surroundings in total comfort & convenience. Located in a magnificent park at the foot ofthe Giza Pyramids & the Sphinx, 35 km from Cairo international airport, this 5-star hotel is ideal for leisure & relaxation seekers with its various recreational facilities as well as business trips with its two fully equipped meeting rooms.





Sand Rose Hotel
The Sandrose Hotel has been built with German participation and wasestablished in spring of 2011. The hotel has been furnished with a modern touch and all rooms are of course equipped with air conditioning systems, colour television sets and own bathrooms. As well we offer WiFi internet connections to our guests.
Because of the exceptional and higher location at the edge of Bahariya Oasis our guests cannot just enjoy the view of the town of Bawiti and the surrounding mountains, but the silence and peace around the hotel as well.
Camping on the White Deser

Enjoy a unique expereince under the crystal clear sky of the White Desert. You will have a pleasant doomed private tent equipped with mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and sheet. 

Your tent will be between the ridges of the rocks  that seem to have a frost on them. Then you’ll see a snowdrift, and pretty soon you’re in a winter wonderland. In fact, what you’re seeing is a combination of chalk and limestone. 




          Pyramisa Isis Corniche Aswan 4* Or Similar Level

  Resort is located on the Nile Corniche, just 5 minutes' drive from the centre of Aswan. All rooms   have a garden view.

    Free Wi-Fi is available in the public areas around the lobby. Each of the tastefully-    furnished guest rooms is well-appointed, with air conditioning and cable TV. All rooms have a spacious work desk.



Steigenberger Nile Palace  5* Or Similar Level

The Steigenberger Nile Palace lies on the banks of the Nile, not far from the Temple of Luxor. Here, amid ancient sites and archaeologically significant finds, you can enjoy the special atmosphere and comfort of a top quality modern hotel. You can use this as a base to explore the cultural diversity of the region, enjoy a great many leisure activities or take a gentle stroll along the main boulevard.

Frequent Asked Question

Frequent Asked Question

Faq: payment should be 50% before coming

Faq: You should provide you license ID "international".

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