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Egypt adventure tours
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Day Program Meals Staying in
1 Arrival in Cairo    
2 Giza and Cairo Tour    
3 Cairo – Alexandria (250 Km)    
4 Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh – Siwa oasis (560 Km)    
5 Siwa oasis    
6 Siwa to Bahariya (450 Km off road)     
7 Bahariya Oasis – Black Desert- Crystal Mountain- White Desert (140 Km with stops)    
8 White Desert- Farafra Oasis (40 km)– Dakhla Oasis     
9 Dakhla Oasis- Kharga Oasis (190 Km)    
10 Kharga Oasis – Luxor (390 Km) or (Cairo) (450 km)    

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

  • Meet and assistance services in CAI on basis of your flight arrival details.
  • Transfer to your hotel in Cairo.
  • Overnight. .

    Day 2: Giza and Cairo Tour
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Meet your tour guide on the lobby of your hotel and start a private tour of the city.
  • First we will start with the mighty Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx: Amid all the hype about the New Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza just sat there – as they have for 4000 years, both outliving the other six ancient wonders and living up to all the hype that has been lavished on them over the millennia.

    Their extraordinary shape, impeccable geometry and sheer bulk invite the obvious question: ‘How were we built, and why?’
  • In the complex we visit: Pyramid of Kufu , Pyramid of Khafre and Menkaure from outside. (Entry to anyone of them requires additional tickets). The Sphinx Legends and superstitions abound about, and the mystery surrounding its long-forgotten purpose is almost as intriguing as its appearance. The complex includes as well the Solar Barque Museum, that house ancient sacred boat. (Entry requires additional tickets).
  • Then we proceed to down town of Cairo where we visit the Egyptian Museum: it’s a great store of : Greco-Roman collection, the Fayum portraits, the Daily Life in Egypt section, which has fascinating artifacts from spoons to furniture, and the Tutankhamen Another favorite includes the animal mummy room (Entry requires additional tickets).And more you will discover once you are there.
  • Transfer to your hotel and overnight.

    Day 3: Cairo – Alexandria (250 Km)
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Today we travel to the city named after Alexander the Great to home of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra to the Capital of ancient philosopher to Alexandria.
  • We travel around 2 hours 30 minutes through Cairo – Alexandria desert road.
  • Arrival there and start our tour: Catacombs of Kom EL Shoqafa: a funerary complex with rooms and passages leading off in all directions.
    We discover Egyptian, Roman, and Greek symbolism mixture on the same place. We move forward to visit Pompeii’s Pillar made of Red Granite 9m (30 ft.) around and 30m (100 ft.) tall.
  • Then we move the most famous military fort of Alexandria : Fort of Qaitbay The fort may seem to be in remarkably good condition given its age—it was built between 1477 and 1480 during the reign of the Sultan Qaitbey—but this is due to extensive restoration to repair damage from, among other sources, a British bombardment in 1882. You will have the chance to wander inside the rooms of the Fort.
  • Afternoon tour on the Montazh Gardens : a royal style garden built during the reign of the reign of Khedive Abbas Hilmy
  • Overnight in hotel.

    Day 4: Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh – Siwa oasis (560 Km)
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Travel to an impressive part of Egypt to Siwa Oasis.
  • On the road, we stop to take lunch on the Mediterranean city of Marsa Matrouh.
  • Drive to Siwa Oasis. Dinner and overnight in hotel.

    Day 5: Siwa oasis
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Today we will uncover the unique society of Siwa that until today stands apart from mainstream Egyptian culture.
  • First we visit: Gebel al Mawta ‘’ Mountain of Dead’’: it takes its names from the many tombs carved on the rock side. We visited the colored tomb of Petorsiris and Crocodile Tomb. We proceed to see the Temple of Oracle built on the 26th Dynasty by king Amsis, this temple where Alexander the Great became son of Amun.

    The temple is located on the top of a small hill on the town of Aghurmi. After we go to Temple of Amun (Temple of Um Ubiada) 5 minutes after Oracle Temple, we see the final wall remaining of the 30th Dynasty temple. You will have the chance to examine the Hilegrapchis writings over the wall. Later we go refresh in Cleopatra’s Bath, a natural spring where queen Cleopatra swim.
  • Lunch in a traditional style restaurant.
  • Back to hotel to relax for while.
  • Start afternoon excursion of Bir Wahed : unforgettable experience through the Golden Dunes of the Great Sand Sea, on the road we see the fossilized remnants of animals lived there on the prehistory era. By sunset we head to Bir Wahed natural spring on the heart of the desert.
  • Back to hotel to have dinner and overnight. .
    Day 6: Siwa to Bahariya (450 Km off road)
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Great adventure through the desert route from Siwa is the way to go to Bahariya. From Siwa Oasis the route passes through .Sitra Oasis, beside Nuwamisa Oasis with its picturesque lake, and Bahrein Oasis, with not one but two lakes. With the chalky white Areg Oasis on the left it continues north over the dunes to Bahariya. Covering 400 kilometers (250 miles), this is a route with no people only the silence is dominating everywhere.
  • Arrival in Bahariya oasis. Dinner and overnight in hotel.

    Day 7: Bahariya Oasis – Black Desert- Crystal Mountain- White Desert (140 Km with stops)
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • We leave Bahariya behind in our way to a different world of Black and White. We approach Sahara Suda, the Black Desert, a favorite safari destination. The ground to the right and left of the road is covered with black stones. We climb a 15 meter Sand Dune by 4WD and stop to take pictures of these mixtures of colors. Then we see Al Marsous volcanic Hill.
  • 37 km we reach Al Hyaz small village that during the Roman era this area was very prosperous. Many of the current families were originally from Libya. We take our picnic lunch in a shaded place; also we will have the chance to get refreshment by swimming in one of the cold springs nearby.
  • We drive to the most famous of the formations is the Crystal Mountain, actually a large rock made entirely of quartz. It sits right beside the main road.
  • Bit by bit the yellow desert sands east of the road start to become pierced by chalky rock formations. s you get further into the 300-sq-km White Desert Protectorate, you’ll notice that the surreal shapes start to take on familiar forms: chickens, ostriches, camels, hawks and other uncanny shapes abound. Two flat-topped mountains known as the Twin Peaks, a key navigation point for travelers. A favorite destination: the view from the top of the surrounding symmetrical hills, all shaped like giant anthills, is spectacular. Kids will delight in coming up with shape associations, and photographers will fill up their memory cards trying to capture the brilliant hues of the setting sun reflecting off the inselbergs’ shiny surfaces.
    Waking up amongst them is one of the highlights of any camping trip into the desert
  • BBQ Dinner. Overnight in tent.

    Day 8: White Desert- Farafra Oasis (40 km)– Dakhla Oasis
  • Breakfast in Camp.
  • Drive to Farafra the smallest, yet one of the most prepossessing, of the main Western Desert oases. We stop to see the Museum of local painter Badr Abdel Moghny.
  • Proceed to Dakhla oasis which was an important town in the Pharaonic and up through the Roman and Islamic periods, and each successive era has left it monuments.
  • Check in hotel .And Lunch in Local Restaurant.
  • Start tour of: Deir el Hagar sandstone temple to the Egyptian gods Amun, Mut, Khonsu, and Seth was actually built by the Roman Emperor Nero.
  • Then we visit medieval ottoman town of Al Qasr with its chambers, dwelling rooms. The tomb of Sheikh Nasr el Din, the Ayyubid mosque, the restored house of Abu Nafir, or the ancient olive press.
  • Dinner and overnight in hotel.

    Day 9:Dakhla Oasis- Kharga Oasis (190 Km)
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Today we drive to the largest town in the Western Desert. Formerly used as a place of exile and banishment for at least 2,000 years by the Romans.
  • Check in hotel .And Lunch in Local Restaurant.
  • We visit Al Bagawat cemetery Built during the exile of Nestorius to the oasis, considered one of the best-preserved Christian cemeteries from its era in the world. There are more than 260 domed mausoleums still standing, and several still have intact wall paintings.
  • Designed to resemble the architecture of nearby Bagawat, this two-storey Museum is housed in a cavernous, well-lit building made from local bricks. Inside is a small but interesting selection of archaeological finds from around Al-Kharga and Dakhla Oases.
  • Then we visit remains of Hibis and Nadura Temples from outside.
  • Dinner and overnight in hotel

    Day 10: Kharga Oasis – Luxor (390 Km) or (Cairo) (450 km)
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • We reach the end of our adventure on the Western Desert Oasis, Today we drive to Luxor. (Cairo).
  • Transfer to your hotel/boat in Luxor (Cairo)
  • End of services.    
  • map
    No of guests from 1-5 to 30-9 from 1-10 to 30 - 4 Standard accommodation
    2 guests

    1160 US$ per person

    1195 US$ per person

    President hotel Cairo
    Amun Hotel Alexandria
    Dream Lodge hotel Siwa
    Al Beshmoo Lodge Bahariya
    Mobarez hotel Dakhla

    Hamda Allah fixed camp Kharga.  
    3 guests

    955 US$ per person

    985 US$ per person

    4 guests

    785 US$ per person 

    808 US$ per person

    5 guests

    715 US$ per person

    746 US$ per person


    No of guests from 1-5 to 30-9 from 1-10 to 30 - 4 Deluxe accommodation
    2 guests

    1490 US$ per person 

    1560 US$ per person 

    Barcelo Hotel Cairo

    Le Metropole Palace Alexandria
    Siwa Paradise Siwa.

    Palms Valley in Bahariya

    Sol Ya Mar Mutt in Dakhla

    Sol Ya Mar in Kharga
    3 guests

    1260 US$ per person

    1330 US$ per person

    4 guests 1040 US$ per person

    1104 US$ per person

    5 guests

    925 US$ per person

    995 US$ per person

    Price includes:

    • Meet and assistance services.
    • 02 nights in hotel in Cairo with bed and breakfast.
    • 01 night in hotel in Alexandria with bed and breakfast.
    • 02 nights in hotel in Siwa oasis on Half board basis.
    • 01 night in hotel in Bahariya oasis on Half board basis.
    • 01 night camping in the White desert on Full board basis.
    • 01 night in hotel in Dakhla oasis on Half board basis.
    • 01 night in hotel in Kharga oasis on Half board basis.
    • Lunch during excursions in local restaurants on the oasis.
    • English Speaking Tour Guide.
    • All above mentioned tours.
    • All admission fees of visited places.
    • All Safari materials necessary to the camping experience.
    • Water and Soft Drinks only on the White desert.
    • All necessary clearances.
    •  All taxes.

    Price excludes:

    • International Flights
    • Entry visa (approx. 18 € upon arrival)
    • Tips


    • client can merge between 02 levels of hotels, prices will be advised on his request
    • Prices more than 05 people will be advised on request
    • Groups larger than 10 people will have a special price
    • In deluxe hotel only supplement applied during XMAS, New Year and Easter and will be advised upon request
    • In Luxor we can organize you other services if you interested in.


    Frequent Asked Question

    Frequent Asked Question

    Faq: payment should be 50% before coming

    Faq: You should provide you license ID "international".

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