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Sailing Luxor to Aswan Dahabiy

We've revived those elegant days, with modern comforts and conveniences. Enjoy the great scenery of the green fields on the Nile, follow the steps of Pharaos.
Sailing Luxor to Aswan Dahabiya
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Dahabeya Cruises Egypt

We've revived those elegant days,  with modern comforts and conveniences. Enjoy the great scenery of the green fields on the banks of the Nile , follow the steps of the mighty Pharaohs , their temples , their tombs and graffiti. Fulfill your dream on board of sailing boat exploring this natural dimension in unforgettable ways.    
Day Program Meals Staying in
1 Luxor- Esna- Al Hegz Half Board A board of Dahabiya
2 Al Kab -Fawza Island- Edfu Full Board A board of Dahabiya
3 Edfu -Gebel EL Silsila-Maniha Full Board A board of Dahabiya
4 Maniha - Kom Ombo - Darau Full Board A board of Dahabiya
5 Darau - ASwan  Full Board A board of Dahabiya
6 Aswan Breakfast A board of Dahabiya

Day 1: Luxor –(54 Km)  Esna –Al Hegez

  • Our tour guide will meet you in hotel/station or airport in Luxor.
  • Start tour of: Temple of Karnak, the main center of worshiping the Theban Triad with god Amun, no site in Egypt at all makes a more overwhelming and lasting impression than this collection of Obelisks, Columns, Walls, Statues, and Decorated blocks. Everything is on a gigantic scale:  the site covers over 2 sq km. Karnak was the most important place of worship in Egypt during the New Kingdom. It was called Ipet-Sut, meaning ‘The Most Esteemed of Places’; Karnak is its Arabic name meaning ‘fortified settlement. The complex of Karnak includes three main enclosures: AMUN TEMPLE ENCLOSURE – MAIN AXIS,MUT TEMPLE ENCLOSURE and MONTU TEMPLE ENCLOSURE.
  • Our next destination will be Temple of Luxor; it was built essentially by two kings (Amenhotop III and Ramses II, also several rulers contributed to its relief decorations and inscriptions, added minor structures or alterations. The temple was built for the Opet celebrations, when the statues of Amun, Mut and Khonsu were annually reunited during the inundation season with that of Amun of Opet. A mosque was built in one of the interior courts for the local sheikh (holy man) Abu al-Haggag. In front of the temple is the beginning of the avenue of sphinxes that ran all the way to the temples at Karnak 3km to the north, which is now being entirely excavated.
  • Transfer toEsna city
  • Transfer to Dahabiya. Welcome drink. Lunch on the banks of the Nile.
  • Start silent sailing to our next stop (Al Kab). Moor near Al Kab.
  • Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 2: Al Kab (Nekhbet)- Fawaza Island-(54 Km)  Edfu.

  • Breakfast on board. Stop to visit Al Kab (Ancient city of Nekhbet the Goddess Vulture of the city).
  • Visit: remains of the 12m-thick mud brick walls that surrounded the town are impressive and date back to the Late Period (747–332 BC) then we proceed to see an Old Kingdom cemetery. Across the road, past the ticket office and cut into the hill at the edge of the valley, are tombs of New Kingdom (1550–1069 BC) local governors. The most important is the Tomb of Ahmose.
  • Back to the boat and Slipping silently down the Nile and moves very slowly, so you have time to relax and enjoy the scenery of the small villages covered in green color.
  • We stop to take lunch on a small island on the heart of the Nile. Continue sailing to Edfu city. Moor near Edfu.
  • Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 3: Edfu – (42 Km) Gebel EL Silisla- Maniha Island

  • Breakfast on board. Leave the boat and take the horse drawn carriage to walk in Edfu city (modern center of Sugar and Pottery industries) to reach the most preserved temple of Egypt ‘’Temple of Horus’’. It dominates the West Bank of the city and offer opportunity to enjoy a collection of prefect preserved reliefs of Ancient Egypt.The temple is actually a reconstruction of an older building on the same site, and was part of the Ptolemaic project to solidify their dynastic hold on Upper Egypt by identifying themselves with the Pharaohs. Not only is the design a copy of the old temple, so are the inscriptions on the walls.
  • Back to the boat Continue sailing to Gebel El Silisla. It was an important centre for the cult of the Nile: every year at the beginning of the inundation season sacrifices were made here to ensure the fertility of the land.
  •  Visit the three shrines built by Merenptah, Ramses II and Seti I during the New Kingdom.
  • Back to the boat and set the sails to navigate to Mainha Island where we take dinner. Overnight on board.

Day 4: Maiha Island – (65 Km) Kom Ombo- (8 Km) Darau

  • Breakfast on board. This morning we enter the city of Kom Ombo where we tour the Ptolemaic Temple of Sobek  and Haeroris, Elder Horus god of the falcons. (Temple of Kom Ombo) that has an unusual symmetrically twinned architecture in which all rooms and doors are mirrored on the other side of the building. Once inside, you’ll see that there are two sanctuaries in the middle of the temple, each a mirror image of the other.
  • Back to the boat and have lunch. Sailing to Darau small village.
  • Moor in Darau. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 5: Darau -Aswan

  • Breakfast on board of the boat.
  •  Visit the remarkable camel market of Darau (it takes places every Tuesday) and meet local people of the village.
  •  In Aswan we start a tour of Temple of Phaile , the unfinished Obelisk and the High Dam
  •  Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 6: Aswan

  •  Breakfast on board.
  • Transfer to your destination in Aswan. End of services. 
NO Guests Periods Notes
Summer Winter Peak
  From: 01/06 From: 01/10 XMAS, New Year, Easter  
To: 30/09 To: 30/05
2 890 USD $ 925 USD $ 1025 USD $  
3 700 USD $ 730 USD $ 830 USD $  
4 685 USD $ 710 USD $ 810 USD $  
5 600 USD $ 635 USD $ 725 USD $  
8 500 USD $ 575 USD $ 650 USD $  
10 490 USD $ 535 USD $ 600 USD $  
12 450 USD $ 495USD $ 550 USD $  
16 400 USD $ 445 USD $ 500 USD $  


Price includes:

  • Meet and assistance services.
  • 05 nights on board of Dahabiya vessel on Full board basis.
  • English Speaking Tour Guide (Any other language can be provided).
  • All transportations involved during the tour by a private AC minibus.
  • Tour of All above mentioned places.
  • All admission fees of the visited sights.
  • All service charges & taxes
  • No hidden costs.

Price excludes:

  • Tips

Cabin on board of Dahabiya

You will have private cabin equipped with en-suite private bathroom (shower and  toilet) . linens, towels, and amenities (soap and shampoo) are avaliable. Each cabin has  Electronic security locks , In-room electronic private safe ,Large windows with a panoramic view .Cabins with individually controlled A/C units.

Frequent Asked Question

Frequent Asked Question

Faq: payment should be 50% before coming

Faq: You should provide you license ID "international".

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